Expertise in print & mail

The roots of Symeta Hybrid go back to print & mail.

Even today, paper remains important and we continue to offer this classic form of communication. With a view to maximum efficiency, we integrate this communication channel into our multichannel communication platform and your own IT systems. 

In this way, we ensure a maximum automated document flow. This ultimately results in personalised documents, which are sent via post or courier service.


Far-reaching digitalisation

More and more companies and organisations are opting for a far-reaching digital transformation of their inbound and outbound document flows. In recent years Symeta Hybrid has built up enormous expertise in this field. 

We analyse your existing situation and provide customised advice for the right approach. You have also come to the right place for the implementation and further growth of your digitalised multichannel systems.


Focus on safety and quality

Safety and quality are paramount in every service we develop and offer. We guarantee the absolute integrity of the confidential data we work with. Our secure solutions include the necessary control mechanisms to guarantee authenticity and correctness at all times. 

We have an ISO 27001 certificate that guarantees the highest level of security and confidentiality. Our IT infrastructure is located in two redundant data centres and our production facilities are also maximally deduplicated. 

We strictly adhere to the GDPR guidelines regarding data privacy. In addition, we work in accordance with the rules of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Continuous improvement is central to this.

Sustainability as a spearhead

Sustainability is the common thread across all activities of Symeta Hybrid and, by extension, Colruyt Group. Every day, we work on sustainable, future-oriented solutions with respect for people and the environment. We actively reduce our ecological footprint in every possible way. We maximise the reuse of auxiliary and raw materials, limit environmental emissions and chemical waste and ensure separate waste streams. The water-based inks used for digital inkjet printing are low in pollutants and show high 'de-inkability' during paper recycling. Moreover, the electricity used on both our sites comes from wind power.

Our ISO 14001 certificate is a guarantee of professional environmental management. We also have an FSC® certificate (C164464) for the use of paper from responsibly managed forests.

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