We help marketeers and their agencies take the step from mass communications to personalised communication. We make it technologically possible to personalise printed direct mailings, on the basis of, among others, each individual client's interests and their purchase behaviour.

Consumers are confronted with approximately 7,000 messages a day. That is a lot. That is why we are convinced that relevance is once again needed: to send the right message to the right person. This increases the return on invest (ROI), and it saves paper, ink, and shipping costs. That is a double profit.

In a world full of quick tweets and fleeting e-mails, we believe in the power of paper as a part of your communication mix. With the right personalisation, you can truly reach your client.

Data analysis

In order to communicate in a relevant and focused manner, marketers have to gain insight into both their markets and their individuals customers.

Correct data, tooling, and reporting will allow you to make well-founded decisions for your next campaign.

Together with SAS, Symeta Hybrid has developed a data analysis tool that will provide you with these insights to allow you do make the right decisions. It is a transition that will take you from mass communication to segmentation and profiling to predictive communication models.