Upload your documents to Mail-IT-Wize.


Choose envelop type, and if needed add a background and attachment. 


Mail-IT-Wize will print your documents, put in envelope and post your mail the next day! 

Save time and money!

  • We print and put in envelop! 
  • Cheaper Mail ID rate! 
  • No need to stock envelopes! 
  • Never buy stamps again! 
  • You'll never run out of ink or paper! 
  • No time loss for your staff! 
  • Secure data processing! 
  • Registered mail! 

How to post your mail online?

1. Upload documents

You can easily upload your documents via the Mail-IT-Wize portal. We accept PDF documents in A4 format containing up to 10 000 pages. Addresses are extracted from the document or you can supply an address list by uploading an Excel file. 

2. Configure as you like

Choose envelope type, add your logo, select background and/or attachment, print method,... We offer multiple solutions to customize and personalize your mailing. 

3. We take care of everything!

Mail-IT-Wize will print, put in envelope and sort by Mail ID. BPost will deliver your documents at all recipients. We are your one stop shop for mailing and printing. 

For whom?

Currently our service is available for professionals. 

Because we sort all mailings by Mail ID we can offer lower rates. As a company or self-employed entrepreneur you can save costs and time as you no longer need to invest in in-house mail processing. Forget about storing and buying envelopes, paper or stamps. Reduce printer maintenance and personnel costs. We use BPost postal services to deliver your mailings. 

Soon Mail-IT-Wize will offer all services for private customers as well.

Want to find out how much you can save?

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