Communicate according to individual customer preferences

Within the digital transformation of organisations and companies, multichannel communication is now the standard.

  • Customers or clients expect personalised communication according to their own individual channel preferences: email, digital platform, text message, print & mail, etc 
  • A wide range of digital platforms (such as Doccle, eBox, Zoomit) is available to receive, process and archive invoices, documents, etc. 
  • We provide automated dynamic preferences management, which also allows each customer to select different combinations. We can effortlessly handle even the most complex situations.

Changing channel preferences

Symeta Hybrid developed a high-performance omnichannel platform which guarantees all-in support to companies and organisations for the organisation of their multi- or omnichannel communication. Even 24/7 monitoring for real-time data flows is an option. 

24/7 monitoring possible

Inbound: processing the data

  • On the inbound or source side, our platform offers numerous possibilities, both via batch or continuously in real time and online. We receive flat files and PDFs, as well as structured data.
  • We process raw data or document flows into the required ready-made documents or convert to the required file formats
  • Inbound online data is checked and processed into the required format via interactive processes.
  • The connection with Office or ERP software is also one of the options.
  • Other inbound sources are eCollect or scanning, which means that received data are automatically processed and optimised into the required format.

Processing: layout of the various documents

The following processes are provided in the processing phase: 

  • Digital archiving of the data
  • Data normalisation
  • Management of (changing) customer preferences of the recipients
  • Document generation with further optimisation of the outbound format
  • Uploading to the mail system
  • Dynamic reporting of the processing process, including bounce management

Outbound: generation of deliverable productions

With omnichannel or multichannel communication, documents can be sent in different ways: 

  • A lot of people still prefer print. We seamlessly integrate our print & mail solutions into your multichannel solution. We print, cut, stamp and send via post or specialised courier services. . 
  • We send data and targeted messages by text message
  • We send many PDF documents directly via email. Alternatively, we offer an email with a link to a PDF via direct access. Another option is an email with a link to a portal where the PDF can be downloaded in complete security. 
  • We make the documents available via specialised e-platforms such as Doccle, eBox, Zoomit
  •  We can also fully automate the structured data exchange and conversion between companies (b2b) via our platform. This also applies to data transfer to the government (b2g).