1. Problem definition

In the case of a concrete challenge, we also analyse the underlying problem in consultation with the partner and look beyond the question posed. Then, we define the scope of the project together

2. Analysis

Once the scope is defined up to the last detail, we dive into reality and pragmatically and purposefully analyse the existing situation. We clearly and objectively map out all relevant parameters.

3. Consultancy

On the basis of our analysis, we give targeted advice about the appropriate approach. In this way, we guide organisations and companies in the step-by-step digital transformation of their inbound and outbound document flows.

4. Implementation

We do not only give advice on the appropriate approach, we also make the necessary practical arrangements to set up the situation of your choice. First via a proof of concept, to which agile adjustments are made until the required results are achieved.

Using our online multichannel platform, we activate and configure the right modules and provide the necessary connections to your own IT systems. 

We develop an automated total solution that fully meets the expectations. 

5. Long-term partnership

After the implementation of the solution, we will continue to work closely together. We will ensure that everything is up and running under optimal conditions, and we can always be reached via our helpdesk according to the agreed service levels. 

Even a 24/7 monitoring of your inbound and outbound data flows is possible. 

We advocate an agile approach in which our services evolve in line with your changing needs and the latest technological possibilities